It's a pleasure to have you here!

We are Kunde Brand, an ukulele brand and a community of artists from Barcelona. For us, every day is an opportunity to be better and enjoy what we really like: music, education and the freedom to live our own adventure.

That is why we live with a Mission: Improve the musical, emotional and social intelligence of people, through the ukulele and our Kunde Community.

We want you to not limit yourself to listening to music, but to dare you to create it yourself. It does not matter if you have never played an instrument, if you are ashamed or if you think you do not sing well .
Listen out: Everyone can learn to play ukulele. This instrument, or travel companion, apart from being fun, is simple, light and very grateful.

But you have to check that on your own!

As you improve, you will discover a world of fun, tranquility and satisfaction. Not only you'll learn to play the ukulele, but you will learn to flow with the Kunde lifestyle!

For that, we propose you 3 challenges:
  1. Dare yourself to improve your musical, social and emotional intelligence.
  2. Dare yourself to live your life, with enthusiasm, positivity and creativity.
  3. Dare yourself to do what you really like to do.
You're not alone!

You have our support, with your new instrument and with your new family, Kunde!